How To Survive a Long Flight

For most people it doesn’t get any easier but there so many ways to make that long flight interesting. If you are traveling for the first time you may find these tips helpful and if you’re a regular then you can relate to this.

Check out options in your destination

Traveling to a new place for the first time, be it business or pleasure can make anyone very anxious about the hotel to stay in, what to eat, where to shop or where to visit. You could use that time during your flight to check that out, like places with the best cocktails close to your hotel. Same case if you travel a lot and you would like to try new stuff.

read book on airplane

Read a book or two

For those with a bibliophilism character you will definitely have a book or magazine to read through during your flight. Some people can even read an entire novel the whole time without getting bored. Another related interesting thing one can do if you consider yourself a creative mind or a blogger is challenging your mind in a productive way through writing an article or short story, your choice.

Get a comfortable seat, walk around and stretch

Get the most comfortable seat you can afford on the plane. Every seat has its merits and demerits so choose in accordance to your preference. Remove your shoes when you get to your seat. Have a walk down to the galley during downtime in between meal services and sparking up a conversation with a flight attendant is probably the most beneficial thing you can do on a long flight. Walking around will help you stretch and improve circulation.

Eat and rest well before your flight

Make a point to travel rested. Have plenty of enough sleep before your flight. Try adjusting to the local time to reduce jetlag. Keep hydrated on the plane by carrying a sizable bottle of water and if you finish the water ask the flight attendant to fill it up for you. Take foods that will keep you hydrated. Don’t eat too much food as turbulence can have a nauseating effect. Take foods with sugars too give you enough glucose to keep your body going till you get to your destination.

Occupy yourself with music and movies

Make sure everything you need is close to you and you can access it easily. Dress as comfortable as possible as you will have the cloths on for a long time make sure you are free in them. Download any shows, movies, audios, music or e-books you need before boarding. Stock them up as you will need them to keep you going on the flight. They will occupy most of your time and this kind off shortens the long flight.

Carry a puffy travel pillow

Getting a good travel pillow, noise cancelling headphone or ear plugs and sleeping masks to block any light while sleeping comes in handy. It’s also good to know the plane you’re going on so you get one of those prime seats where the window is situated just right for sleeping, otherwise if the windows are offset it can throw your comfort off. Get settled in and feel at home on that seat as you will be there for a long period of time.

Pick the tips that are most applicable to you and get to survive that 10-14 hour flights. This way you arrive fresh and ready for the new adventure.