What is the Best Seat on the Airplane

The best seat on the airplane is the pilot seat. Since neither one of us studied aviation lets choose the other best seats from the reminder. There is no single most best seat on an airplane what matters is your preference, as every seat has its pros and cons.

Choose a seat by what is important to you like; legroom, quick exit, reclining, some peace and quiet or a smooth ride. Evaluate your seat of choice as those with legroom can be narrower, those next to the window may be between the windows hence offering little view.

Best Seat on the Airplane

Front seats

Front seats are perfect if you dislike the part where you have to climb through a lot of strange people. Exiting the plane will be much easier as you will have first priority. Food is served to the front part first and the chance of missing something is minimal. Turbulence is minimal at the front part of the plane.

The catch is to get these front seats you have to get to the airport early. Studies show that services on the front sets are not as good compared to the back. Flight attendants dislike bell calls from the front as that means flaunting whatever you ordered to everyone else. This can cause a problem since planes often don’t have enough extra vodka, pillows, earplugs, and toothbrushes.

Back seats

Back seats have their pros and cons too. Turbulence is high at the back seats and there is no peace and quiet as the engine of the plane is at the back. To get to your seat you have to climb through a lot of people and it’s sometimes uncomfortable.

Serving on the plane starts at the front making it a possibility to end up with whatever is left for your meal. The main pro is the service to the back seats is the best. The attendants can slip you something discreetly. You can get that second mini bottle of wine or extra vodka.

Avoid the proximity of the lavatories

Do not seat next to the lavatories. The smell from the area is not pleasant. Also the area is noisy as food is prepared around there too meaning you can’t get some peace and quiet time. If you will have a long flight, then choose seats near the wings, because turbulence on the plane will shake the most in the front and in the rear, and the least in the middle of the plane.

If you tend to get up from your seat a lot then get the seat next to aisle. And if you hate getting up for people, and don’t get up yourself a lot then sit next to the window. Middle seats are the most annoying unless you are seated with people you know.

Expensive seats are more comfortable or convenient

The airlines know there best seats in the plans and they charge extra for that so if you don’t mind paying extra for comfort then do it. Seats on the front are more expensive and if you are flying on a budget just pay for the back seats.

For short distances you can survive an uncomfortable seat for a while but for long distances grab the most comfortable seat. Always confirm your seat location 24 hours prior to ensure you have a good seat.

Consider the possibilities listed above and choose the best seat on the plane as comfort is Key!