Top 10 World’s Best Cruise Trips

In one’s life, the need to just let loose and be free is often suppressed by our day-to-day livelihood, but when all is set and done, we all need a break. A holiday or vacation is probably the best way to get rest.

As Christians would put it, in the beginning earth was full of water and God separated earth from the sea whereas Scientists claim that 70% of the earth is covered by water, so what better way can one explore the world except through water?

Here are some of the best to-go places on a cruise.

#10. Cruise of Paris to Normably, France

Cruise of Paris to Normably, France - Best Cruise Destinations in The World


In the very center of Paris, the Seine River diverges. It splits France into two Geographical sections. Facing downstream to the south is the city’s left bank, to the north is the right bank.

Decades ago, the right bank was considered home to the bourgeois and the old money while the left bank was edgier, a place for students and artists. The Ile de la Cite arises in the middle of the river marking the birthplace of the city of light.

The famous “Notre Dame Cathedral” which is French for our Lady of Paris was built here over 900 years ago. Today the depth of Seine is controlled by a system of locks built in the 1800’s. 150 kilometers downstream from Paris is a village known as vernal.

The perfect landing spot to gather France’s past and present. Giverny was home to French painter Claude Monet for 43 years.