10 Best Places to See Northern Lights and Southern Lights

The Aurora Borealis commonly known as the Northern Lights is one of nature most spectacular display of invincibility. The term north doesn’t necessary mean the lights are only visible from the northern hemisphere, as they can be viewed from the south though rare as well as the equator.

The northern lights have counterparts at the south side the southern lights. Aurora Borealis are simply natures’ neon lights more like the ones used to advertise strip clubs but these lights increase our nature appreciation. If you haven’t seen the Northern Lights make a point of adding them to your bucket list.

#10. Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks, Alaska - Best Places to See Northern Lights


Fairbanks is one of the main viewpoints or location of the Northern Lights. Make a point of moving away from the city lights to have a clearly view of the lights. To make sure you don’t see the lights check the University of Alaska’s Northern Lights forecast to help schedule your viewing trip.

Make a trip to Alaska and get to see the northern lights accompanied by friends and loved ones, take some photos and make great memories. The recommended time to view these lights is from Late August to mid-April.